I/O Digital Foundation is the official non for profit curator of the IOC (I/O Coin) Blockchain. IOC Blockchain is an Open Source Blockchain project started in 2014. The IOC Blockchain has robust data storage capabilities / facilities (documents, identities, messages, alias etc) and provides a secure, fast and user friendly Blockchain ecosystem for businesses to adopt and use the IOC Blockchain for their application or business. There will not be one Blockchain ruling the world and facilitating all storage needs. The eco system will be a mix of public and private Blockchains. Business specific Blockchains will arise and we are developing the Chameleon framework which allows these Blockchains – public or private- to interoperate with each other. 


After two years of developing the new HTML5 wallet supporting the DIONS features is released for public usage. After block 1625000 passes in the Blockchain, all new DIONS features are enabled in the new wallet. Please go to iodigital.io/tutorial to start your upgrade.

Infographic of our complete Blockchain ecosystem

DIONS and all the features surrounding our developments are sometimes hard to understand and comprehend. Basically there is just so much to tell and many Proof of Concepts and integrations possible. This is why we created an infographic about the (future) possibilities.

De-central data storage on the Blockchain

You can store data in the I/O Blockchain. We aim at servicing holders of intellectual property, rights management, certificates of authenticity and condition reports. A hash value included in an I/O transaction can serve as Proof of Existence for any digital file. This could be a legal document, an application source code, artwork or even a piece of sheet music. Want to learn how you can use it? Please contact us

Secure decentralized encrypted person to person messaging

The in-wallet or API accessible messaging system will allow users to send encrypted private messages and will also provides an option to broadcast messages to a wider world. It offers an attractive option for third party developers intending to build a censorship resistant decentralized “Twitter-esque” or “Whatsapp-like service. Your third party application can also use the messaging system! Contact us for more info.

AES 256 Encrypted DNS & Alias system

The I/O Digital Blockchain provides a decentralized DNS database. Names could be referenced as domain records by using our own or third party API. There is no restriction on the form of the alias. They can take any arbitrary form and be transferable between users. The DNS records for example may be A-records, CNAME of MX records. Businesses or regular users can also connect their own chosen name to a wallet address ensuring a human readable account receivable.

Smart contracts, identity management & contracting

While you are able to store data in the Blockchain, there is a possibility to connect to our Blockchain through an API. This basically enables any use case that relies on Blockchain stored data. For example you could create a service to store gamer information on the Blockchain. You connect your APP or game to our Blockchain. If you are creating a smart contract based application, you just store the relevant information into our Blockchain and your APP/Website application will do the rest. With this feature we are enabling Blockchain data storing facilities for every company to use for their service, Proof of Concept, website or mobile app.