Community vote

Cast your vote on which Exchange you would like IOC to on

Exchange listing is important for IOC and the community. We have contacted over 50! different ones. Most of them never reply but some do and give us an offer.
Since 2014 we are listed on Bittrex and since early 2018 on Qiex. We hope Blockbid will launch this year or in Q1 2019 with their alts and IOC will be listed there as well.

The I/O Digital Foundation has been in contact with several exchanges that are willing to add IOC to their exchange.

All have different terms and offerings. Some start at 0.5 BTC listing but can also be 18 BTC.
I/O Coin is a community project that had no ICO (since 2014). The team and community came together and gathered funding for different occasions and events (like the recent legal opinion letter). We have a shortlist of exchanges that we had contact with and sent us an offer. Please vote for your favorite one. We will make a top 3 and will communicate the required listing fees (if possible) to see if we can gather the listing fees for this exchange. This is just a poll and no promise of listing!

If you miss an exchange, that means they did not respond or gave us an offer. All top exchanges are contacted (some multiple times) in the last 12 months.

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