The Blockchain ecosystem

Blockchain services close to the public and businesses vice versa

When designing a strategy for developing open source Blockchain technology our goals did not just focus on delivering a Blockchain with a Digital Currency that people can use together with an wallet to store and send their coins. We thought of a usable ecosystem for everybody making it interesting for businesses to connect but also very interested for the general public to use without knowing they are using the underlying Blockchain technology.

We love to work together. 

A Blockchain designed just to operate on itself will not make it in the end. The risk of data bloat, security breaches and lack features will make the Blockchain not sustainable for mass usage by businesses and the public. We pursue the best solutions where companies, people and Blockchains work together.

Private Blockchain

Our ecosystem has the possibilities for companies to spin up their own Blockchain. If we connect this Blockchain to Chameleon, all features built in the I/O Digital Blockchain will be available for usage.

Having your own sidechain makes it easier to manage and control features. If there is an update, only the affected Blockchain will be updated and your business can run as usual. The company using their own Blockchain will store their data in their own Blockchain making is easier to manage and control. They don’t have to worry about other data.

Finding our way – project sunrise

We all want Blockchain to find its way to the general public and with our controlled ecosystem we are able to pursue that.

I/O Digital has been focussing on the Blockchain technology the first 24 months of existence. We are collaborating with an external company to provide a usable and sustainable end-to-end Blockchain ecosystem that enables consumers to easily access Blockchain technology. At this time we cannot give more information because the end-to-end technology is in the final stages for patent registry. We will release more info when available. This end-to-end solution is called “sunrise”.

Technology working seamlessly together

When we put all the technology together (I/O Digital Blockchain, Chameleon Framework, Project Sunrise) and make use of the supporting applications like the HTML5 wallet and features of the I/O Digital Blockchain, we will have a fully operating Blockchain that can serve businesses that want to create applications (decentralized apps – DAPPS) that will be available and easy accessible for the general public. Creating numerous opportunities to create new products, business applications and much more.

This means the public has an easy access to all sorts of new – location based – services through project Sunrise. Project Sunrise is not only usable for businesses that want to offer services through project Sunrise for the general public, but any individual can use project Sunrise to send messages, store data (like a legal document) and send money to other Project Sunrise users around the world making it the worlds first easy entry to the Blockchain end to end solution.