I/O Digital 2018 whitepaper and roadmap


Since 2014 the I/O Digital Foundation is working on their Blockchain. November 2017 the team launched the DIONS project.
The implementation went way beyond the first whitepaper that was released in 2015. This new whitepaper describes all current DIONS features and upcoming DIONS v2 upgrade. Click on the image below to download the PDF.


Chinese version / 中文版: 下载
Spanish version / Version en español: descargar

Current status of the roadmap

API documentation for business integration 100%
BIP65 implementation 100%
Gettxout implementation 100%
Stealth addresses 85%
Encrypted messaging to groups 55%
Ring Signatures 50%
Ballots 20%
Scientific computation implementation 10%
Graduated staking 10%
Chameleon project implementation 50%


Business usage of Blockchain

Are you in a business and want to know how Blockchain can help you? Please contact us through the contact form for more information.