I/O DigitalĀ development status and roadmap

Current status of the roadmap

DIONS 1st Beta by team and bug fixing 100%
DIONS public (invite only) beta test 100%
(encrypted) messaging through HTML5 wallet 100%
Final testing and making ready for release 95%
Project Chameleon 70%
New I/O Coin website 100%
Mobile on-chain HD wallet 50%
Reversible (timed) transactions in HTML5 25%

note: We don’t give any official release date on features.


We have security, scalability and stability on our agenda and do not release if we are not 100% satisfied. After two years of working on DIONS this last stage is very important to us.


Business usage of Blockchain

Are you in a business and want to know how Blockchain can help you? Please contact us through the contact form for more information.