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Join the I/O Digital Foundation to participate, collaborate, and sustain the Blockchain code and communities that are critical for success.

As Blockchain adoption grows, commerce and society come to depend on that code. The future of critical technologies such as our Blockchain technology can’t be left to chance. They need a neutral, independent organization like the I/O Digital Foundation to manage the infrastructure and sustain their code and communities over the long term.

The I/O Digital Foundation will collaborate intensively with companies that are a partner of the foundation. Companies can contribute to the code, help the Foundation forward and even have the ability to get a seat into the advisory board.

Benefits of I/O Digital foundation membership

The I/O Digital corporate members help support the greatest Blockchain technology resources while also accelerating their own technology and innovation through open source leadership and participation in this great technology. Share experience, share knowledge, share ideas. Partnering up with us will get you closer to Blockchain technology and your organisation will benefit from our experience in creating astonishing Blockchain technology since 2014. We are looking for long-term relationships with our corporate partners from legal to technology sector. Lets partner up!

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