Today at the first day of the Miami Bitcoin conference we are very excited to release the new whitepaper supporting the current DIONS release and show the plans we have for DIONS v2 in 2018.

The first DIONS whitepaper was release in 2015 and during the development the Blockchain scene evolved and we learned, as we were developing, we could do a lot more than originally thought of. The current live implementation of DIONS is nothing compared what we described in our old whitepaper. Today we release an updated DIONS whitepaper featuring and describing all features in detail.

DIONS v2 upcoming features

In that same whitepaper we also present our upcoming DIONS v2 implementation for 2018.
Key features I/O Digital will be focusing on are;

  • Stealth addresses – protecting privacy
  • Ring signatures – more privacy and stealth – yes we go full private
  • Ballots – secret voting
  • Group messaging – add more people to a secure decentralized chat
  • Scientific computation – help with cancer treatment
  • Graduated staking – master nodes with a twist
  • Chameleon – sidechain and smart contracts

In the whitepaper all features are thoroughly described.

Read our whitepaper? Check it out here

The I/O Digital is proud and excited about the current implementation and will keep pushing forward to set new Blockchain standards. Lead by setting the right example!

Announcement at presentation

Be sure to keep an eye on our upcoming live presentation at the Miami conference at Friday 19th at 11am Miami time.
We will try to stream it live on our Facebook page
We have a great announcement to make at the presentation.

Read our whitepaper? check it out here