The I/O Digital Foundation is proud to release its scientific proposal for the creation of Chameleon Molecular Ledger technology. With this new ledger technology we are able to process transactions with a very high throughput, create side chains and facilitate interoperability and standardization between Blockchains.

Chameleon will allow for the creation of any number of unique and interoperable public and private side chains. These auxiliary blockchains will each have unique properties suited to the particular set of services and applications that they are meant to support. “Agents” of those connected blockchains will be the intermediary between their blockchain and the Chameleon connectivity layer. This network of blockchains, or “super chains”, will afford unparalleled flexibility to I/O Coin Blockchain users, allowing any number of configurations to be seamlessly adopted depending on the use case.

State of the Art Entropy Based Validation Protocol (EBV) enabling intergalactic data & payment system for Chameleon Molecular Ledger

Molecular Ledger Technology for millions of transactions per day


The Chameleon Molecular Ledger will enable Millions of transactions per second through Molecular ledger technology.
The development of the molecular Ledger technology will be directed and supported by the I/O Digital Foundation that has been developing the I/O Coin (IOC) Blockchain since 2014.
IOC started as non-ICO and no-premine project and delivered working and innovative blockchain technology throughout the last four and a half years. Features like AES 256 encrypted messaging, stealth transactions, document storage and transfer of ownership are currently implemented and usable for anybody through the custom wallet interface or API.

Chameleon and IOC will be an integral part of a global ecosystem to enhance usability and global adoption of ledger based services. Those two combined with the ADM Terminal of ADM Ecosystems will bring location based decentralized applications to the general public. The Foundation intends to incentivize current IOC holders when Chameleon is launched. For every IOC you hold during the to be determined snapshot, holders will get 2 CHAM for free. IOC stakers will also be an integral part of validating transactions on the CHAM ledger.

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The I/O Digital Foundation will release more info about project Chameleon (timeline, funding, information) through this website.

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