Early innovator in Blockchain (2014), I/O Digital Foundation, has its Blockchain ready for Enterprise usage with amazing data driven decentralized features. All achieved without ICO!

I/O Digital has been operational since July 2014 (Proof of Stake) and ever since been developing their Blockchain project without making use of external (ICO nor VC) funding. A real community driven and non-for profit Foundation backed Open Source project that has raised the Blockchain bar setting ICO backed competition years behind with releasing their latest Blockchain upgrade.

After two years of development, the I/O Digital Foundation managed to successfully release a Blockchain with “data storage capabilities” for storing documents, identities, files. Up to 2 MB information can be stored per block. With adding the data layer to the Blockchain, the Foundation also added a secure messaging system in their user friendly wallet where person2person messaging is secured through an AES 256 encrypted channel. These features combined with a fully decentral Alias system to register a human readable name and attach it to a document or IOC address makes this a very powerful Blockchain that is ready for Enterprise usage.

API release opening the I/O Digital Blockchain for Enterprise usage

With the release of the API documentation (https://iodigital.io/api-documentation/) any business or proof of concept that wants to utilize IO data storage capabilities for their application or game can now start developing and start using the IO Blockchain. All data storage features are fueled by I/O Coin (IOC) and fees paid to use the storage / messaging features are redistributed to the stakers in the network. An example of a “star battle game” being developed by making use of the Blockchain is http://stario.switchingbrains.com/

2018 will bring more Enterprise grade features

At the 2018 Miami Bitcoin conference the team released their latest whitepaper explaining all existing features in detail and roadmap (iodigital.io/roadmap) for 2018.

Stealth addresses – protecting privacy
Ring signatures – more privacy and stealth – full privacy for enterprise and compliance
Ballots – secret voting
Group messaging – add more people to a secure decentralized chat
Scientific computation – help with cancer treatment
Graduated staking – balanced staking
Chameleon – sidechain and smart contracts

The white paper can be downloaded here (pdf)

Privacy by design

2018 will be a special year for I/O Digital with all those new features coming to their Blockchain. Protecting privacy and the right to own your personal data is very important these days and communications must always be secure and trustworthy. By facilitating this with the I/O Digital Blockchain features the team strongly believes they can make a positive change for many businesses / individuals and contribute greatly in the Blockchain ecosystem.



More information can be found at:

Foundation website: www.iodigital.io
Digital Currency: www.iocoin.io
Contact: Richard Groen www.iodigital.io/contact-us