The I/O Digital team had multiple interview sessions with rating company TokenInsight last few weeks.
By community request and external interest made TokenInsight to do a rating on IOC.
TokenInsight works for investors and (large)exchanges and is dedicated towards providing accurate ratings, research and analytics that contribute to intelligent financial decisions and market transparency.  They do a very deep and thorough dive into the projects they rate.

We have talked to the rating team of TokenInsight and gave them the full 4,5 year story, achievements, learnings, team insights and future ideas for the I/O Coin ecosystem. The rating team also tried every feature we as I/O Coin Blockchain offer and we were told “everything worked as expected”. A great achievement.

TokenInsight gave I/O Coin a B rating. Meaning a solid project with stable outlook.

This brings IOC to the same rating level as IOTA, Ardor, CVC, Syscoin, NANO, Komodo, STRATIS, EMC and ARK. All very popular projects that are traded on the popular exchanges and have a significant higher marketcap than IOC. We are proud to be rated the same and continue to strive for better results in technology and awareness.

The I/O Coin rating is better than Verge (XVG), SiaCoin, PIVX, NXS, MTL, NAV, Iconomi, VTC, VIA and many more

Available on Binance Info page
TokenInsight will share and distribute the information about IOC in their professional network and will have the 3-pager rating online as well for everyone to read. If you have a Binance trading account, you can go to to download the rating report.

The full official rating report will not be shared online publicly and can be requested at TokenInsight.