A few weeks ago we announced that due time Richard was focussing more on the investor relations and the business side of the I/O Digital Foundation.
We have a strong and growing online community and we want our community to be able to get answers to their questions in a timely and professional manner. Our community management is the first entry to all community related questions. It’s a very important task so we wanted to take some time in finding the right person(s). We acknowledge Community management is not a task for one person and we look forward in adding more community managers to the team in the future.

The team of I/O Digital is proud to announce we have found our first new community manager.

Today we are proud to announce Jae Sik Choi (Newton) is our first new Community Manager.

Jae Sik Choi (Newton) is a 23 year old Jakarta-born South Korean who began his crypto journey back in 2013 as a freshman in Melbourne University. An avid crypto enthusiast, Jae Sik has been around since the first IOC genesis block and one of the few who held and believed in IOC since 2014. Graduated from Monash University in 2017 with an achievement of Cum Laude in Masters of Applied Finance and notably achieved excellence in varying competitions in the M&A, Property and Trading field, Jae Sik has since enjoyed trading and sharing the passion for cryptocurrency while also working as a part-time Accounts Data Analyst Assistant in Esuperfund, Australia.

Newton can be reached in slack (username newtonc) and through emailĀ newton@iodigital.io

Welcome to this great project Newton!

Team I/O Digital