Mr. Nadal Antonioni former IBM Mexico President/Chairman & Director of Operations for Latin America, joins the I/O Digital Foundation Board of Advisors

nadalAntonioni has a long professional history within IBM. Antonioni started his career as a Systems Engineer in Argentina, holding several senior management, operations and  executive positions. Antonioni served for over 25 years within the company.

Antonioni, was also a member of the IBM/AFE Board of Directors, participated in developing strategic directions and approving policy for the IBM/AFE corporation in 56 countries including Canada, India, Japan, China and Latin America, representing the Latin America point of view in key business issues. Later in his career, he was Systems Software Associates General Manager for Latin America and after General Manager for Latin America of Lexmark international when IBM sold her printer and supplies business,  established Lexmark HQ in Coral Cables, Florida and implemented the Latin America channels..

In 1997, Antonioni founded his own company,  Southern Cone Advisors Inc. The company specialized in advising USA Companies and individuals on Latin America business opportunities, as well as in possible associations with the 200 USA Most Successful Small Co’s.

Antonioni will be actively advising the I/O Digital Team on strategic partnerships and global expansion of I/O Digital.

The Advisory Board

Nadal Antonioni joins Marco Houweling, Senior Vice President Finance TomTom, at the Advisory Board of the I/O Digital Foundation. The Advisory Board consists of top industry experts who advise the Foundation in their field of experience and contribute to the future stability and growth of the Foundation. We welcome Nadal Antonioni to our Foundation and are proud of Mr. Antonioni joining this amazing project. We are looking forward in working together.