Last January the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) was held in Miami. The I/O Coin team had a fantastic stand and 20 minute presentation on main stage. The event was a great success for I/O Digital and I/O Coin. In 2019 we are back in Miami. In 2019 (17,18 January) the World Blockchain Forum will be bigger than ever with dozens of interesting speakers and attendees. ( This conference is a great way for I/O to show the I/O Coin Blockchain capabilities.

Joel Bosh, founder I/O Coin, on stage

We are announcing Chameleon at the WBF 2019!

We are excited to announce that the team and community of I/O Coin is once again invited to join the conference with a booth and speaker slot at main stage.

This time we will introduce the Chameleon project to the public. The presentation is called:

“Chameleon a peer to peer ledger technology to replace all other electronic cash systems currently in use”

Scientific Whitepaper

The release of the Chameleon scientific whitepaper Rev 1 will be in Jan 2019 at the conference.

Secondly the I/O Digital Foundation is working with legal on definitions of our upcoming Chameleon ICO and Community White paper. Details and launch date will be released once we have clear guidance from legal.

I/O Coin holder incentive

The community whitepaper (released after the conference) will also have info about a great incentive program for I/O Coin holders that will be rewarded in CHAM (for every 1 IOC you hold at snapshot you will receive 2 CHAM for free), a developer incentive program to promote and stimulate innovation and information for I/O Coin stakers that can participate in the validation process in the CHAM network.

Chameleon will extend the I/O Coin Blockchain significantly and will open up IOC Blockchain for other projects through interoperability. I/O Coin will be used for storing consumer data / identity information and will be used for secure messaging

We need your help for the Miami 2019 Conference

As you all know the I/O Coin project was started in 2014 without ICO or pre-mine. All costs since were paid by the core team and by donations from community members. We need your help to make Miami a great conference. We need your help (funding) to take care of getting the designs and prints for the booth, booklets, marketing materials, hotel, flights etc. The team is willing to spend their spare time (and take leave from their day job) to attend the conference and represent the I/O Digital Foundation. Entry tickets are taken care of.

The amount we need for this conference: $6000

The community donated greatly earlier this year for the legal opinion letter and we hope you can support our ongoing Open Source project and help us get to the conference. If we can’t raise the required amount then it could turn out we have to decline.

You can donate through the following means:

BTC address: 1JkCpK6QAsN6agKpE5qvhUXHebsaundQ7n

ETH address: 0x25F3638d58FB451d39d9837f4cf20850f0f75188

EUR/DOLLAR via Paypal:

IBAN Payment / bank transfer is possible: contact

You can check the payment details also by contacting @blockchainbros in Telegram

Funds are handled by the official I/O Digital foundation

UPDATE: dec 28 – we have currently received just over $3100 in donations. thank you.

Your help is greatly appreciated.