The I/O Digital Foundation is honored and proud to announce the addition of Matt Englund to the official I/O Digital Foundation Board. Matt will fulfill the role of secretary and technical consultant.

“It is my pleasure to join the I/O Digital Foundation and I will continue to work hard for the I/O Coin community. My professional background is in Human Resources and in particular financial retirement, employee benefits, and information systems.

I got into crypto in 2013 and I’ve been a part of the I/O Coin community since 2014. The leadership and technology the team and community bring to IOC is inspiring.

I enjoy providing support to our community and hope to push forward the I/O Digital Foundation vision and objectives in a structured and transparent manner.

Again, I’m here to help the community and strengthen the future projects. Thank you to the all who are involved in the I/O Coin community and the great leadership and developers who are here. The future is so bright for I/O Coin.”

Congratulations for being a part of our team and community. Our board, advisors and community welcomes you. We are looking forward for working with you. Welcome aboard.

Board of I/O Digital