The first three months of 2019 has been amazing for I/O Coin, the team and community.
A lot has happened and we have shared it all through our social channels. In this update we gather all the info in one post so you have a great overview what has been going on.

Miami Blockchain Conference

January started with I/O Coin team and community preparing and going to the Miami Blockchain Conference. With community funding we raised enough money to pay for the expenses like booth, travel, merchandise and printing services. A two day event where Joel, Richard and Matthew were representing the I/O Digital Foundation. The team had a brand new Tesla 3 at the conference showing the future possibilities in powering your I/O Coin wallet in the Tesla and stake 24/7.

At the second day of the conference Joel had a presentation about I/O Coin and announcement the Chameleon project was coming in the future. Joel announced that the scientific white paper was uploaded in the I/O Coin Blockchain and available for download by anybody that has a synched I/O Coin wallet. In this way we would show the capabilities of the IOC Blockchain.

Some resources from the event:

Download the Chameleon Scientific Whitepaper from the wallet –

See the presentation “from blockchain to real world” Joel gave –

Interview with Joel at the conference –

Chameleon Molecular Ledger

After the presentation the I/O Digital Foundation also launched the Chameleon Molecular Ledger website for the public. will be the official platform for Chameleon related info. Since late 2018 the Foundation has been in preparation to facilitate the upcoming Chameleon ICO. Regulations keep changing and we are changing accordingly. The Foundation has been interviewing three possible platforms to support the ICO and also requested two exchanges to possibly support the ICO. Internally we have chosen the platform we would like to cooperate with but are also waiting for one exchange to answer our info requests. After we have all the info we will finalize the negotiations and go forward. Meanwhile the team has finalized the ICO terms and metrics for the Community Whitepaper. This white paper is currently in design phase. Once approved and final we will share this Community White paper with the community and website. Be sure to subscribe to the Chameleon Molecular Ledger newsletter on for the latest news and updates.

I/O Coin holder incentive

As announced any IOC holder will benefit from the Chameleon ICO. Every IOC holder will receive 2 CHAM for every IOC they hold at time of the snapshot. We encourage everyone to keep IOC off exchanges in a wallet and stake them. The exact date / time of the snapshot will be announced later this year. We will talk to exchange(s) if they can support the CHAM airdrop. More info on that later.

Exchanges exchange had some “security” issues since early March and enabled a deposit screen so everybody can get their funds secured. Qiex informed us that there was no breach or crypto stolen, but their security team found a security issue and had to close the exchange for trading whilst they are fixing the issue. The last update from Qiex is that they are still fixing the issue and hope to get online soon. We remind and encourage everyone to never keep any cryptocurrency on an exchange if its not strictly necessary. We have seen the issues with Cryptopia suddenly popping up and there is nothing you can do about it except wait.

Recently BankCEX exchange listed I/O Coin with a BTC and ETH pair. It is a low volume exchange but you can trade IOC there.

Blockbid exchange
Blockbid has issues of their own. Since 2017 when Blockbid had their ICO, we purchased a listing to list IOC in the second batch of listings. Right after the listing of the major cryptocurrencies. Recently we learned Blockbid had a rough year and had to lay down some of their staff. Developments are going slow, the beta release has been postponed many times and creditors come in their Telegram chat to ask for their money. Blockbid also decided IOC (and other crypto’s) that were on the list for 2nd round listing will not get listed as communicated earlier. When we asked for their reply, their response was as follows: “unfortunately this is relevant to any coins who are not part of the BitGo wallet system. Due to this bear market and most projects struggling to survive, we’ve had to pull back resources and allocate our developers time accordingly. As such, we’ve decided that in order to continue moving forward, we have already listed the major cryptos and we’ll now start slowly onboarding some of the coins from BitGo (for easier integration)”.

We asked and got our money back because we don’t see the exchange being live anytime soon and IOC not being listed short term.

New exchanges:
AltMarket exchange – an exchange that will list only projects that have steadfast development and exist at least two years, will list I/O Coin as well. They have been in development for some time and live schedule is not known by us but recent Twitter messages said a launch could be in april/may. AltMarket exchange has a very professional team and we look forward having IOC on their exchange as well.

Recently we got a green light from another exchange that is focussing on the LATAM markets. An exchange that is already live for some time. We love the fact that they wanted to have multiple personal chats about our project and really dived deep into our history, team and future ideas. We don’t pay a listing fee as they would like to support our non-ICO and non-profit work for the crypto industry. We will probably onboard their exchange late May 2019. More info on their name and final live date soon.

TRUST Mobile wallet

The I/O Coin community has been asking for a mobile wallet for some time and the Foundation understands its importance for adoption, easy usage and easy access to I/O Coin. After talking to many development companies to support the development of our own mobile wallet, we thought it would be smarter to seek cooperation with an existing mobile wallet provider.

Over the last few weeks we have been talking to the team of TRUST wallet to have I/O Coin integrated into their wallet. TRUST gave us the green light and instructions to start developing for the integration. TRUST wallet was acquired by Binance 8 months ago were TRUST is now the official mobile wallet of Binance.

The I/O Coin development team is extremely proud and excited to start the final integration with TRUST wallet. It is up to the TRUST wallet team to finalize the integration. Any ETA is not given.
You can find more information in and download the mobile app to give it a try.

Trezor hardware wallet
Because of the way we are integrating into TRUST wallet, I/O Coin will also be compatible with the TREZOR hardware wallet in the future. We will continue to work for that as well.

B-Rating for I/O Coin

The I/O Digital team had multiple interview sessions with rating company TokenInsight last few weeks.
By community request and external interest made TokenInsight to do a rating on IOC.
TokenInsight works for investors and (large)exchanges and is dedicated towards providing accurate ratings, research and analytics that contribute to intelligent financial decisions and market transparency.  They do a very deep and thorough dive into the projects they rate.

We have talked to the rating team of TokenInsight and gave them the full 4,5 year story, achievements, learnings, team insights and future ideas for the I/O Coin ecosystem. The rating team also tried every feature we as I/O Coin Blockchain offer and we were told “everything worked as expected”. A great achievement.

TokenInsight gave I/O Coin a B rating. Meaning a solid project with stable outlook.

This brings IOC to the same rating level as IOTA, Ardor, CVC, Syscoin, NANO, Komodo, STRATIS, EMC and ARK. All very popular projects that are traded on the popular exchanges and have a significant higher marketcap than IOC. We are proud to be rated the same and continue to strive for better results in technology and awareness.

The I/O Coin rating is better than Verge (XVG), SiaCoin, PIVX, NXS, MTL, NAV, Iconomi, VTC, VIA and many more

I/O Coin will also be mentioned in the official TokenInsight newsletter.

Jasper – the friendly I/O Coin Telegram tipbot.

We all know I/O Coin is Proof of Stake since 2014. The project name of Ethereum -to switch Ethereum from Proof of Work to Proof to Stake – is called “Casper”. We thought “Jasper” would be a nice name for our “proof of stake” tipbot.

With Jasper you have your own IOC address in Telegram. You can deposit some IOC into your Telegram wallet and /tip it to other Telegram users. You can also expect /rain in the main telegram chat meaning the most active chatters will receive donated IOC into their IOC Telegram wallet. You can also withdraw your IOC from the IOC Telegram (Join our Telegram at: wallet to an exchange or your personal wallet. More info: 

—> do not use the tipbot Telegram wallet as your main wallet. Only use it for tipping other users <—


When I/O Coin started in 2014, the team did extensive research on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake before they launched I/O Coin and decided Proof of Stake was future proof and the right way to go. After a two week mining period the network switched to Proof of Stake. The main advantage of Proof of Stake, over a system such as Proof of Work, is that it uses considerably less energy and as a result is more cost effective. It is well documented that each Bitcoin transaction, which uses a proof of work system, can require as much electricity as an average household does in two weeks. This is both ineffective and unsustainable. One of the core visions of IOC is that anybody should be able to participate in a global Blockchain network and not just the big mining companies which also lead to more centralization. People in underdeveloped countries should be able to buy a Raspberry PI, put an I/O Coin wallet on it and stake their IOC. Getting a passive income on their holdings in the form of stake rewards and participate in a global Blockchain network. Participating in a global (micro)payment network.

Recently the overall amount of staking exceeded 50% with more than 100 wallets staking all over the world.
More info on the staking of IOC;

Community engagement

The community is very active the last weeks. Many new people coming into our Telegram chat on a daily basis and find out about IOC. “how can i have missed you guys” and “the technology is awesome” are remarks we get all the time. We want to thank everyone that has a warm heart for the project and promoting IOC in a positive way. Only a lively and involved community that participates in awareness campaigns, give aways and other good initiatives will bring more awareness to IOC. News websites are not interested (yet) in covering the great technology we have delivered and only focus on the big names. Thats very unfortunate. We have been talking to news sites like CoinDesk, but after delivering everything they requested they decide not to publish and stay silent. We are sure if we as board and you as community keep pushing (positiveness) we will get the coverage and recognition for all the hard work and fantastic technology in the end. The team and community are also working together with Youtube shows to get IOC interviewed and other people in Blockchain / crypto that have a wide reach. You will see more and more interviews and information coming online. Join our Telegram at:

Stronger and stronger

At the Miami Blockchain Conference we have seen many projects disappear and we almost felt “the last man standing”. We started the project in 2014, we as a team experienced a great bull market but also managed to survive the massive bear market. Haters, fudders even personal threats to the team were made the last 6 months. Proof of Stake was considered a bad move back in 2014. Now Ethereum is developing a Proof of Stake version and other projects like Tezos are welcoming their version of Proof of Stake. We are still the same team, we are still developing on our roadmap and delivering fantastic usable Blockchain technology. Our vision goes beyond what is taking place right now. The ideas we had in 2014 is now working technology. We have ideas with Chameleon and much more and you will experience that – again – when we deliver we are ahead of time. We have a fantastic team and a great community that gives us a lot of positive energy to keep doing what we love to do. Thanks for participating in this amazing journey.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard