The year began with the very successful Miami World Blockchain Forum. We had a fantastic stand and even greater presentation. We suppose to have a 10 minute talk, but just before Joel entered the stage, they asked if we could fill in 20 minutes instead of 10. You can leave that to Joel!  The booth was designed perfectly and community member Matthew provided great swag. We had over 100 t-shirts, caps, lanyards, pens and great booklets explaining the project. It was that month where IOC, together with the entire crypto space, reached its all time high.

The recorded presentation can be viewed here:

The crypto space was celebrating the BTC (and IOC) ATH at the beginning of 2018 and soon realized that what goes up must come down eventually. Not if it comes down, but the question is: how far down? As guiding I/O Digital Foundation team we always notice immediately the frustration people can have when they are looking at markets and price action especially. Not just for IOC. They come at the team saying we should do more marketing, we should hire market makers, we should develop faster, we should make partnerships. It’s not that easy. IOC started in 2014 with a fair launch and without ICO. The development team did not get free coins or any other incentive to pay for the bills. Everything the team does, every promotion, every development, every event, domains, websites, printing and promotion is privately paid by them. The team does this for the love of the project and pursuing their dreams. (dreams become technology) This does have a limit and our great supportive community stepped in a few times to help with promotion, pay for events, donate their private time and put their skills to work for the project. That is how a community project should work and will work in the end. Hard work does pay off but takes a long breath sometimes.

Four years in development and still going strong

IOC celebrated its fourth anniversary this year and still going strong. We are actively developing, communicating, helping community members and keep adding innovative developments to the IOC Blockchain. We remember the article on saying nearly half of all ICO projects did not survive. This number increased during the year significantly. We are still here!

4 year anniversary community chat:

Legal Opinion Letter – IOC not a security

During the bear market, as always, the team kept on focussing on their core values and taking care of developing, awareness and the security of the IOC Blockchain and not rushing things live or overpromise. We take great pride in the launch, setup and development of the project. Especially with the SEC investigating many projects. Early 2018 we have foreseen that a legal opinion letter would be very valuable for IOC. We always knew the way we operate, the way we develop and the way the project started is clean, but we needed an external legal opinion to back that belief. This is why the team and community gathered and got resources together to pay for that opinion letter. The result is an 18-page legal opinion explaining IOC is not to be considered a security with current legislation and tests (like Munchee test). This is a very important document we learned along the way (as expected). Exchanges, business integrators and partners nowadays also seek to work with projects that are in the possession of such a letter.

Community engagement

This year we started a community awareness group. This group consists of IOC community members that seek opportunities to promote IOC in any way they can. They contact exchanges, ask podcasts to cover IOC, contact youtube influencers, create swag for promotional purposes, create designs and mind blowing meme’s and work together in creating great content for IOC. Everyone with the love for IOC can join this group. Ask around in Telegram


As result we had a nice Cryptopulse – The UK’s Number 1 Crypto & Blockchain Podcast – interview with Joel:

Bitcoin Chris also made a great “deep dive” into IOC:

To support our community we released multiple support video’s as well:

The community members also participated in translating the current white paper / roadmap to their native language. This resulted in the White paper release in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic)

One event early 2018 was the DIGAX Cryptocurrency Cup. IOC won that cup by public voting in many rounds.

We are still waiting on the release of their exchange and hopefully get added there. They are officially considering IOC.

Finally we also got added to Blockfolio Signal, Coingecko and DeltaDirect. We can use their services to connect directly to our community and push update messages in their apps.

At the end of 2018 the community managed to gather sufficient funding to pay for the Booth and printing services at the upcoming Miami 2019 World Blockchain Forum.

Community engagement is very important for the success of the project. When a group of IOC enthusiasts focusses on promoting IOC we instantly see a new influx of users and (business / integration) interest. We want thank the community for their never ending involvement.


We did everything in our possibilities to get IOC listed on more exchanges. We contacted over 60 exchanges this year and filled in endless forms. Some replied back to us, but most didn’t. Currently it seems there are more new exchanges launched then coins and its hard to keep up. The ones that did reply ask between 0.5 BTC listing fee to a max of 18 BTC. Despite its very hard for a genuine and self-funded project to get listed on new exchanges, we managed to list at a few new services and exchanges. Since our 2014 launch we are listed on Bittrex and are proud they support us.

QIEX – we got listed at this Chinese exchange with ETH, BTC and USDT pair

BlockBid – they are currently in beta but IOC will be listed there when they publicly launch with BTC and ETH pair.

Altmarket – This will be a new big – long awaited – exchange for solid projects in 2019. IOC is confirmed to get listed there.

Digax – they are currently in beta. IOC won their Cryptocurrency cup and hope to get listed there as well. – IOC is listed at Xchange for easy swap of any digital currency to IOC

We also submitted to all major exchanges like Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Chinese Exchanges etc. We also added our legal opinion letter stating IOC is not a security at their request. Let’s hope one of these truly supports non-profit blockchain innovation and reward us with a listing (or even respond to our request).

I/O Digital Foundation

I/O Coin is supported and represented by the I/O Digital Foundation. At the WBF 2018 we announced Moe Levin was added as official advisor. Moe is organizer of WBF events across the world and got us a speaking slot at the WBF Miami and New York and also made that possible for Miami WBF 2019. Joel went to NY and gave an inspiring presentation. (watch the NY presentation here: ).

Matt Englund joined the official Foundation board as secretary ( ) where Sam Gabsi asked to be dismissed. The board is represented by Joel Bosh, Richard Groen and Matthew Englund. All positions that are officially needed in a Foundation are filled.

Development in 2018

We launched the shade payment possibility in June. A feature that was in development for many months before. With shade payments you can generate a non traceable stealth address and receive funds on that address. The launch was a success and community tests showed that the feature works great.

The development team continued to work on the secure group chat feature that is already in beta test and should be launched when stable. There is also continued work on the User Interface of the wallet and making preparations for the upcoming Chameleon project. We also have focus on offline signing of transactions. This is a feature that has been requested by exchanges often to enhance user / transaction security.

For Chameleon the Foundation will release a scientific white paper proposing the solution for a new breed of ledger technology for mass usage and transactions. This Chameleon Framework (side chain, interoperability, smart contracts) will integrate with the IOC Blockchain and will make the IOC Blockchain part of a greater ecosystem.

Earlier this year the I/O Digital Foundation started to partner with ADM Ecosystems ( to bring decentralized services to the general public. These services will all integrate with the IOC Blockchain making it a huge ecosystem.

ADM Ecosystems had a lot of interest from news sites around the world. 2019 will be an important year for ADM Ecosystems and IOC.

API Documentation and Unity3D development package

Together with community member Dennis we released full API documentation so any company, initiative or integrator can easily integrate IOC into their application ( )

The community also released a Unity3D development package for IOC. Unity is the worlds largest game development platform.
With this package any game developer can integrate IOC within 30 minutes into their game. They can use IOC for micropayments, store data like achievements, loot and scores.

There is already a game being developed called Usagi Panzer that will use the IOC Blockchain:

We got the request of people to enable staking on a Raspberry Pi. After testing and tweaking the latest release on a Raspberry Pi 3, we managed to get the IOC wallet staking on a Pi. More info on our Wiki page:

Development Podcast

In 2018 the development team also did their first Podcast. Joel and Derek discussed the development and questions from the community. You can listen to it here:

Also in 2018 we have seen a great amount of IOC staking in wallets. Our staking weight is higher than many other projects. In 2018 the average staking was between 45% and 52%.



Chameleon will be facilitating side chain technology, interoperability and smart contracts. Chameleon will be a project guided by the I/O Digital Foundation. The team has done extensive research and tests and we think Chameleon will make a real positive change for ledger technology in general but also for IOC specifically. IOC will be an integral part of the Chameleon project and ecosystem. Chameleon will introduce a new type of Ledger technology in order to facilitate a very high network throughput needed for mass adoption of transactional services. The Foundation is set to release a scientific white paper (proposal) for project Chameleon in January 2019. We are currently seeking (legal) advise to see how we could fund this project in a proper way. The Foundation intends to incentivize current IOC holders when Chameleon is launched. For every IOC you hold during the t.b.d. snapshot, holders will get 2 CHAM for free. IOC stakers will also be an integral part of validating transactions on the CHAM ledger. More info in January!


The I/O Digital Foundation and I/O Coin community has set a firm basement to build a massive skyscraper. The IOC Blockchain has been super stable, the technology is innovative, contributing to the blockchain ecosystem overall and really one of a kind. Without a massive ICO or angel investment we as a team and community managed to get where none has been before. We have proven great technology is created by peoples faith, dreams, perseverance and hard work. We are paving the path, show direction, climb mountains and deliver. Something we are very very proud of.

In 2019 all planned projects should come together (IOC, Chameleon, ADM Ecosystems) and align in a positive way for the development of the envisioned ecosystem. We continue to follow the path set out over four years ago and hope we get the appreciation (usage, exchanges, donations, coverage) we deserve as project and community.

The I/O Digital Foundation wishes everybody a great 2019!

Thanks for sticking with us.

Joel, Derek, Matt, Richard