We are proud to announce that the I/O Digital Foundation (Stichting I/O Digital NL) is officially here and the new I/O Digital website is launched with more info about our projects and foundation.

The I/O Digital Foundation is providing a fully functional and Open Source Blockchain for businesses and consumers to use. We are currently in Development of DIONS, an intuitive HTML5 wallet with decentralized data storage capabilities, alias registration, transfer, a decentralized “GPG like” tool system and a decentralized (encrypted) messaging system. Our mission will be to create the next generation Blockchain ecosystem. This is to further the use of our environment through third party apps, programs and services. The I/O Digital Foundation will also manage the future launch of our project (Chameleon), a next generation framework, that will expand on our DIONS capabilities to interoperate with other Blockchains, including but not limited to the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The foundation intentions are to spend the donated money on developing the Open Source Blockchain technology but also take their responsibilities in corporate social activities by donating 5% of their donations to charity projects around the world.

Since July 2014

Since the start of I/O Digital in July 2014 all developments were paid by the founding team. There was no ICO or pre-sale when the project started. We have proven that we can create great Blockchain software and live up to our promises. The I/O Digital (ioc) Blockchain has been  fully operational for over two years. The team has delivered fantastic software like the first HTML5 wallet used in crypto along with IONS, a semi centralized name server. And soon we will release the DIONS project, that will certainly make us one of the most advanced and best developed Blockchain projects around.

With our formal launch of the Foundation, we can now accept donations that will support the Open Source Blockchain project and have faster technology-to-market with new projects that will be initiated. We have a formal board and representatives according to Dutch Foundation Laws. Each board member has their official responsibilities in the foundation board. The I/O Digital Foundation is backed by byLaws. These byLaws describe how the foundation must operate. Those byLaws are notarized.

Strategic and contributing partnerships

Developing such a great technology comes with many challenges. We have learned that challenges can be overcome when people are working together. Starting today we can formally engage external companies that have expressed interest in our development. We will assist some of these companies by answering questions, guidance and build strategic partnerships with companies that will contribute to our Blockchain core, to create their own services using our Blockchain or develop decentralized apps for the Sunrise project. Our aim is to set up a variety of international strategic partnerships in order to have a wider reach and access to resources around the world.

The foundation has begun collaborating with external entities to assist with the development and integration of a usable and sustainable end-to-end Blockchain ecosystem device, that will enable consumers to easily access services supplied by our Blockchain technology.

With our future developments it will be easy for companies to create decentralized apps that rely on the Chameleon framework and get their decentralized app at the doorstep of the end user. This end-to-end solution partnership is called “sunrise” and the external company has the intention to use the I/O Digital Blockchain and also the Chameleon framework for their worldwide initiative once it’s launched.

Top notch Blockchain technology to empower FinTech

The I/O Digital Team has worked hard to get where we are right now and we are more than  confident that we will get extra support for the Foundation and can make a difference in the Fintech industry by providing a top notch Open Source Blockchain technology.

We Are Building Bridges In Blockchain Technology To Accelerate Growth In Fintech By Providing A Fully Decentralized Ecosystem