IBM possible partnership
We would like to disclose to our community, that as of this week, we are in talks and have in consideration to become an official IBM business partner. — to be clear: there is no agreement on any partnership — The exact details and possibilities are being evaluated by the I/O Digital board. Our focus is for the I/O Digital – I/O Coin Blockchain to achieve global adoption. A  partnership with IBM would give us a very broad reach in all FinTech markets.

Currently IBM is offering us to use Hyperledger via their api, but we are going to recommend to instead use our Blockchain with DIONS as a base code. Ideally on release of DIONS, the team will enable via API, the offering of our upgraded I/O Coin “DIONS” Blockchain, to all IBM customers, developers and partners. The team is currently working out the details and discussing possibilities as there is no formal partnership yet.

Throughout this process our advisory board member Mr. Nadal Antonioni (Former IBM Mexico President) will be advising our team to reach an even stronger relationship with IBM. We believe that over the next weeks, soon after DIONS release and code review, we -could- work out an  agreement for api implementation and adoption of our DIONS upgraded blockchain as is, with our services and added developers from IBM in our public Github.  




International Languages Support for DIONS

In recent days, we have seen I/O Coin staking wallet nodes, light up all over the world, specifically in the asian markets.  We have several nodes in South Korea and now for the first time in China, Japan, Indonesia, india and Philippines. These markets have seen a boom in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption. If you look at the current ETC popularity,  we see that most of the volume is now coming from these emerging markets especially, Korea.

The I/O Digital development team has decided to add support for 2 very important international languages for DIONS: Korean (Hangul) and Chinese (Mandarin). Due to time constraints we will be introducing these two language with DIONS v2. The entire DIONS V.2 roadmap will be available a few days after release of V.1. With news of further upgrades and new projects.

These upgrades to our code  will ensure listing on some of the High Volume regional altcoin exchanges, along with API’s for the development of Dapp applications and Fintech companies. We are confident that these countries / regions, will find DIONS extremely useful enabling the ability to add support “in the exchanges” for Aliases, RSA Key exchange, document storage and encrypted messaging.

The team is now actively looking for I/O Coiners to help test your region / language, please contact our project manager at

Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank Innohub is a 12-week program designed for startups that have established product-market fit and have achieved some level of commercial and technical validation. The ideal outcome of the program is to engage Bangkok Bank and other clients through a potential PoC (proof of concept). The Bangkok Bank is running this program together with NEST Venture Capitalist.


I/O Digital was personally invited to join that 12 week program.  Bangkok Bank is one of the largest regional banks with a presence across Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, as well as London and New York.

In addition, this is a great opportunity to establish a foothold in Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, or to expand our existing presence in the region through commercial partnerships.  I/O Digital responded positively to the invite and gave all the info necessary to comply with all required info. We are not yet chosen to participate, but this official invite shows where I/O Digital is being noticed and large financial institutions and Venture Capitalists are interested in working with our team and technology.

Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole community for sticking with us and supporting the project. Some rough weeks we had but we all managed thanks to all of your support. We have had many personal messages and compliments of how we handle the communication and project. This gives the team great strength and perseverance to continue like we did and achieve great Blockchain innovation and disruption. Thank you!

Regards, Team I/O Digital

updated: may 3 17:00 UTC