The I/O Coin community has been asking for a mobile wallet for some time and the Foundation understands its importance for adoption, easy usage and easy access to I/O Coin. After talking to many development companies to support the development of our own mobile wallet, we thought it would be smarter to seek cooperation with an existing mobile wallet provider.

Over the last few weeks we have been talking to the team of TRUST wallet to have I/O Coin integrated into their wallet. TRUST gave us the green light and instructions to start developing for the integration. TRUST wallet was acquired by Binance 8 months ago were TRUST is now the official mobile wallet of Binance.

“The acquisition of Trust Wallet will add an on-chain mobile wallet to the list of Binance services with other future integration possibilities. The Trust Wallet brand and team will retain the autonomy and freedom to develop the core product while benefiting from the increased synergy from Binance, including the broad user base and the upcoming DEX.”

Because of the importance of this integration we have momentarily shifted our focus from delivering group chat and coldsig to the integration of TRUST mobile wallet. The iOC development team believes strongly in mobile integration which is the key for our future adoption, usage and awareness of I/O Coin to a broader public. Since our first request and talks with the TRUST team, our development team has non-stop been creating the needed additions and changes to the I/O Coin Blockchain in order to integrate with the TRUST system seamlessly.

“We have been preparing for chain integration for Trust Wallet which entails for us, enabling the I/O blockchain data to be parsed and analyzed by the backend interface, (similar to a two way explorer supporting transaction tracking but also transaction sending). This backend interface exposes a REST API which the mobile wallet will use to interact with the I/O Coin network.

Work for this is at an advanced stage of testing.” Derek Hatton (IOC Lead Dev)


The development team of I/O Coin made amazing progress with the mandatory changes and I/O Coin development status is now changed to status “Chain Integration”. You can follow the integration status on Github:

Currently “big names” like Monero, NEO, Bitshares and Decred are set to “chain integration” as well.

Because of the way we are integrating into TRUST wallet, I/O Coin will also be compatible with the TREZOR hardware wallet in the future. We will continue to work for that as well.

The I/O Coin development team is extremely proud and excited to start the final integration with TRUST wallet. It is up to the TRUST wallet team to finalize the integration. Any ETA is not given.
You can find more information in and download the mobile app to give it a try.