DIONS has been in active development for the last two years and currently we are in our first closed Beta phase.

As of today we are deploying our latest changes to our wallet in our beta testing lab. Our latest deployments will include all new features around messaging. It’s basically “Twitter over RSA over Blockchain” – “A decentralized Twitter”. You are able to send and receive messages through the Blockchain. Private or open.

Once we deploy this updated beta, the team will be going over the latest release and bug test, while Derek, our lead developer, fixes minor bugs that were reported previously by the team.

The final stages require to update the data file handler, coin control and few minor things (bootstrap, avatar, code updates). We have also begun setting up RedMine bug tracker for our soon to be added beta testers.

1 MB limit
We are going to be testing 1 MB size limit per transaction. That has been set as our current load.
We will report on how DIONS reacts to transactions and data per minute after running all stress tests.
There are data fees associated with messages so it would be expensive to spam the Blockchain. However we are going to be testing all these within our test labs with all our testers. Fees needed for data will be given back to the stakers as well so they have an extra incentive for staking their coins. Please read our FAQ for information about staking.

We have extended our team of testers and are getting ready to add them on to our beta testing labs. That way our testers can test whenever they want because they are in different time zones. They will put all bugs in the central tracker system. We are approaching 2nd call for beta, then we move to final beta and we will be ready for DIONs release.

Country Managers
We are getting excited as we approach the final stages of DIONS release and our country managers are finding their ways of helping the project as well. Since October we started to expand our global team and have started with “Country managers“. They will help the promotion of the Foundation, support the community, attend meetings and talk to interested parties around the world and help the I/O Digital Foundation wherever they can. They already started talking with companies (even governments and top 100 businesses in FinTech) in their respective country and get a lot of good feedback and questions.

They also have great ideas on how to approach the coming DIONS release PR wise. Soon we will have a team meeting (core team with country managers) and give them heads up on what is coming. We are also going to talk about all possibilities and show the DIONS infographic so we can finetune it before releasing it. The DIONS infographic is scheduled to be released soon explaining in an easy way what DIONS is and what you can do with it.

The country managers team is very important for our global expansion and I/O Digital Blockchain awareness. We thank our country managers for all the efforts they take.

Our KPMG / V2 Ventures listing in the world wide FinTech top 100 was really big news in the Netherlands. We got so many responses that it was hard to keep up the last week. About 40 different Twitter accounts tweeted about our top 100 listing and more then 10.000 likes or retweets were counted. We were mentioned on many Dutch A-rank websites like banken.nl , Startupdates.nl and IEX.nl

The team gave multiple interviews and next week we will be featuring in one of the Dutch leading Daily newspapers (www.algemeendagblad.nl).

In November the Dutch Chamber of Commerce launches a “Blockchain Book” for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands that want to know about Blockchain. I/O Digital will be featured there as well with an interview and expert view of Blockchain in the future.

This week we will be present at the Infosecurity fair in Utrecht (NL) and next week Richard will be attending the Dutch Blockchain Hackaton kickoff as well.

Due to all the positive news surrounding this Top 100 achievement we have planned meetings already with a few companies that want to talk with us. We even got new skilled developers contacting us and ask if they could help out with the project.

Beta testers DIONS
If you want to participate with the Beta, please contact Sam in Slack. Not everybody will be admitted to the test team because we are looking for people with a specific skill set to get the most out of the beta test.

We hope to talk to you in in our team chat Slack that is open for everybody to register (free) www.iodigital.io/slack

Team I/O Digital Foundation