Hong Kong based Exchange Fex listing IOC

The Hong Kong based exchange Fexpro.net is going to list IOC around April 16th with a BTC pair. They are ranked place ~35 at Coingecko. Fex has listed 16 coins at this moment. They are very selective with adding coins.

For more metrics please see: https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/fex

They researched our project because their users asked to do so. After their (security) research and talks with us they decided to list IOC. Without a listing fee! Thats unique and a very good example how it should be. Their purpose:  quote “connect interesting projects and a masterpiece to our investors and users.” – they see IOC as a good fit.

We need your help!
We want to attract their users to IOC with an awareness / promotion campaign. We think the Chinese community could bring great interest in our – privacy caring – and feature rich Blockchain. They need to get to know IOC. The idea is a trading incentive, share info incentive and IOC holder reward incentive. Together with their marketing team we thought of raising at least 10/15,000 IOC and run a campaign for three weeks when we launch.

Right now the IOC awareness team (a select group of long term IOC holders that thinks about / takes care of promotional events) gathered 7,500 IOC already. We hope our community can send some IOC to add to the incentive program. If for any reason the listing does not proceed we will refund.

The IOC address you can donate to is:  ibmBjDSj4rjywWXJommFoAVkjLqGxxNPe8
You can also IOC tip username @blockchainbros (official IO representative) in Telegram.

Thank you
Richard (foundation board member)