We made some improvements to the daemon so that management of the creation of new names and subsequent activations would be easier and more user friendly. New names are created now, and immediately associated with a wallet address, when a new name is created a random hash salt is created (as previously) but now the random hash is stored in the meta data for that address. Only the user with the wallet can see the name and it’s status, this allows the activation to be controlled in a self contained way from the wallet, the wallet can poll the daemon and a new name can be seen as pending and the salt can be automatically retrieved from the address meta data, when the user chooses to do a first update ( for which the salt is needed). Now that we have a final working prototype in our wallet working we are soon to be moving on to messaging integration and final clean up for the beta.

We want to also let our community know that aside from developing, we have been in constant meetings for structuring and meetings with outside companies that have reached out to us for potential use of the chain. This has slowed down a bit some of the developing, but nothing major, just a few days of delays here and there. Going forward and as our team at some point starts to grow, we wont have to be pulled for meetings only in some occasions. We are also going to be very selective to who we decide to work with because we are getting many requests and our model is quality not quantity. We can tell you that, all of our meetings that have been conducted have been successful and  our counterparts have high respect for our work and dedication.

All foundation paperwork has been submitted and we are  waiting on approval of the foundation. Our entire team is static that we have made it all together this far and will continue to work hard in the coming days as an actual non profit entity.

I/O Digital Dev Team