The development team is currently working on offline signing of transactions. With this feature – requested by exchanges and integration partners – transactions can be signed without being connected to the internet and then broadcasted without exposing private keys. This enhances security.

The I/O Digital team is also preparing for the upcoming World Blockchain Forum in Miami Jan 16-19. We will have a booth and keynote main stage presentation introducing the unique group chat features of the IOC Blockchain and announcing project Chameleon.

Chameleon will be facilitating side chain technology, interoperability and smart contracts. IOC will be an integral part of the Chameleon project and ecosystem. Chameleon will introduce a new type of Ledger technology in order to facilitate a very high network throughput needed for mass adoption of transactional services. The Foundation is set to release a scientific white paper (proposal) for project Chameleon in January 2019.

The Foundation intends to incentivize current IOC holders when Chameleon is launched. For every IOC you hold during the t.b.d. snapshot moment, holders will get 2 CHAM for free. IOC stakers will also be an integral part of validating transactions on the CHAM ledger.