During our messaging test we thought of making it a bit more comprehensive. This in the sense of emulating non decentralized messaging apps. Originally messages in DIONS were one directional without keeping it’s historical data. So we have decided to add messaging history.

For non technical people, what this means is when you type a message you get to see the message you sent in your chat box. This will benefit in areas of multiple recipient messages or broadcast messages (as well as the history of them and groups..

A more technical explanation;

We need to carry out several tests to ensure these changes will be secure e.g. and the security of the random symmetric keys. This means that the tx will change as it will have to accommodate two additional pieces of data i.e. the rsa encrypted symmetric key, one for the sender one for the recipient. This is a predictable and well defined change, however the symmetric key has fixed size, while the message is variable in length. So the change will be reasonable and the result will be clean providing two way history so this would be at minimum one extra field that goes in the tx, this one extra field (symmetric key) can be further compress and a copy of that key would be kept off the chain encrypted, in the user’s wallet directory and this would save the most space and prevent bloat.

I/O Digital featured in leading Dutch newspaper

Tomorrow, Nov 11th, we will be featuring in a country wide newspaper in the Netherlands. Today a photographer from the newspaper came by the Office. We are featured in “algemeen dagblad” and are talking about our project and the vision of Richard on the future of Banks and Blockchain technology. If we are able to share the news page we will.

Beta testing

Currently we are beta testing the DIONS implementation in the new HTML5 wallet. Sending messages from one wallet to another through the Blockchain works! As well as inviting someone to join a chat. So, decentralized inviting and messaging is working on our test environment.

We are working on tweaking the usability of the HTML5 wallet and fixing several minor bugs we have seen. Anytime soon we will be launching the closed Beta with people from the community.