There are a lot of new people around and we want to make sure the most important things are known to them. Not everything can be written down, but the majority of things is listed below.

For new people around here a small recap of this year:

I/O Coin was launched in 2014. A fair launch with no ICO. A few weeks after we went from PoW to PoS.
Since then we have done a lot of work. First of all we were the first to release a custom HTML5 wallet and not only a QT wallet.
Next to that we started to work on our DIONS project. ┬áProbably you see the word DIONS all over the place and don’t know what it is…
Well, it is groundbreaking technology for Blockchain. Basically it means: Data in the Blockchain.
DIONS is under development since dec 2014. yes, two years of development and we are almost there.
Website info:

We have added our own features to our DIONS implementation.

1. Alias sending -> register an alias on the Blockchain. This is transferable to other people.
2. Decentralized Encrypted Messaging -> send messages from one wallet to another. Encrypted and decentralized.
3. Data storage capabilities -> store data in the Blockchain and benefit from the decentralized storage with proof of existence
4. DIONS = DNS. The Blockchain can act like a decentralized DNS system
5. DIONS = An AES 256 key exchange (no key servers needed anymore)
6. and so much more possibilities

Basically the third one is the biggest achievement for us. With data storage capabilities you can really do anything you want. Businesses can create their own service and connect to our Blockchain. They can upload their data. They pay little IOC fees for the storage and these fees are distributed to the stakers. Win-win. The more usage we will have, the more the stakers will earn on top of their normal stake rewards.

After the press release we will soon after release our fantastic infographics. Explaining in overview and certain detail what our DIONS technology can do. To give people an understanding of what we really achieved and how it can help their business.

To be clear about our involvement for businesses that want to use the Blockchain: we do not create the apps for companies that want that app to be connected to the blockchain. We provide the Blockchain and the connectivity for them. Maybe some consultancy to help them connect if they need any help.

So after two years of development our DIONS project is in the final stages of beta testing. We still need to test with some selected community members, but we hope to have the most bugs out. The new HTML5 wallet is currently running on our testnet and all features mentioned are working. Everything looks good.

Since the first DIONS ideas we had and talked about it online we have been approached by many companies that want to use Blockchain technology. Even companies that were trying to use the Ethereum Blockchain but failed to create a stable application talked to us. When we had those meetings every time we said to them: patience.. the technology is not yet ready.. They continued on the sidelines building their business case and proof of concept plans while we continued to code. Also our country managers are doing a real good job right now. They all have great business contacts and are introducing us to (large) corporations and businesses around the world.

With all these talks and everything we have seen the last months we are very sure this will be a huge success. The most difficult part is to have companies educated what can be achieved with Blockchain. That is step no. 1 Once they know they can setup a business case and proof of concept. We would be glad to help those companies out to explore the great world of Blockchain. We are looking forward to have the first launching business sometime after our release.
This can take some weeks / months after release because businesses need to create / adapt their service to our technology.

We have been awarded at the European Fintech Top 100 in 2016. The best by public votes in the Blockchain category.
A few weeks ago we were mentioned in the world wide KPMG FinTech top 100 as an emerging star. We were the only Blockchain company on that list!

Trust is everything in the Blockchain world especially because the technology is new and still somewhat unproven for most people. This year we have founded the I/O Digital Foundation. This has been done to secure the project and code. We want businesses to have the confidence that the code is safe and they can trust the project to keep existing. We cannot just walk away. We have ByLaws to obey and the Foundation is registered through a notary office. We have to comply to all the regulations a foundation needs to comply to. These are checked by external officials once a year. We have also setup an advisory board. Marco Houweling from TomTom (sr. vice president Finance) was added to the board to help us in the future and give us advice on certain subjects. Marco already introduced us to some people that will help us on -certain things- that are important for the future of the project. We are about to add another name to the advisory board in the near future. Somebody with the business experience we need. He has had a leading role at one of the largest IT companies in the world. Stay tuned.

Trademark pending
We have filed the I/O Digital name and logo for trademark

Press release
The coming press release (next week) will be distributed to the largest news sites. From Yahoo Finance to and Cointelegraph. It will even be translated in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Indonesian. Also published on Bitcoin News Latin America, Brazil, Arabia and Indonesia.

To recap our last two years: we have been developing!!

This cannot be seen on our Github because we develop in a private repo. This has been done because we want to protect our code where we have been working on the last two years. The investments done in development are done privately so you can guess why we do this. The world is full of shameless copycats. After x amount of time, when we have a head start, we will open source the code but only when we think the time is right.

What is our future?
Well, short term: release DIONS and connect businesses to the Blockchain.
Medium term: develop and release Chameleon and possibly setup a commercial IO company for things the Foundation cannot provide to the business needs we are currently been asked.

We hope to give you a short overview of where we are at right now.
The team is strong, the community is involved and active and the developments keep going on.

Thanks for all your efforts in supporting the project!

Team I/O Digital