Become an official I/O Digital Foundation member

Join the I/O Digital Foundation to participate, collaborate, and sustain the Blockchain code and communities that are critical for success.

As Blockchain adoption grows, commerce and society come to depend on that code. The future of critical technologies such as our Blockchain technology can’t be left to chance. They need a neutral, independent organization like the I/O Digital Foundation to manage the infrastructure and sustain their code and communities over the long term.

The I/O Digital Foundation will collaborate intensively with companies that are a member of the foundation. Companies can contribute to the code and have the ability to get a seat into the advisory board.

Benefits of I/O Digital foundation membership

The I/O Digital corporate members help support the greatest Blockhain technology resources while also accelerating their own technology and innovation through open source leadership and participation in this great technology.

Available memberships

Platinum member (strategic worldwide partnership)

  • Annual fee
  • Three seats on the advisory board
  • Official foundation Platinum member
  • Official contributing and collaborating to the source code
  • Strategic worldwide partnership
  • Joined marketing, expertise exchange
  • Official honorable member on all official communications of the Foundation (newsletter, website, events)

Gold member (official foundation member)

  • Annual fee (employee size greater than 5,000 – annual fee)
  • Annual fee (employee size between 500 and 4,999 – annual fee)
  • Annual fee (employee size between 100 and 499 – annual fee)
  • Annual fee (employee size <100 – annual fee)
  • One seat on the advisory board
  • Official foundation Gold member
  • Official contributing and collaborating to the source code

Advisory board member

Members of the advisory board are very important for the foundation. They will contribute to the future stability, growth and knowledge of the foundation. The members are top industry experts who we can ask for their expertise in their field of experience. Members are committed to help out in any way they can and put their professional network to work if needed. For future development and focus we will ask their input and they can vote on the future roadmap of the I/O Digital Foundation.

There are two ways on becoming a member of the leadership board. The first option is to be asked by the foundation board. The second way to become an advisory board member is become an official Platinum or Gold member.

If there is an official vote, the complete advisory board will represent one full board member vote.
example: if there are four members on the advisory board, they can all cast their vote. The unanimous outcome of that advisory board vote will be added as one full vote to the board voting. So not four votes!

Official I/O Digital Foundation supporter

  • EUR 750 (lifetime membership)
  • Get a limited edition CAP with “Official supporter” badge
  • Get a limited edition T-Shirt with “Official supporter” badge
  • Get to use the official supporter badge online
  • Future discounts on official events
  • Get early access to new feature testing, review

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