The I/O Digital Foundation team

An international team of Blockchain specialists

The I/O Digital Foundation is composed of an international group of people who volunteer to promote awareness of I/O Coin. I/O Coin is a fully de-centralized ,open source community driven blockchain project with no central authority.

We are an international orientated hard working and devoted team. We care about the I/O Digital Foundation, the Open Source IOC Blockchain and its future, ensuring that the blockchain can be used by all sorts of companies and initiatives.

We are supported by a dozen of skilled freelance / volunteer developers, designers, wallet compilers & testers to help us achieve our goals and deliver the best Open Source blockchain technology there is.

The board of directors

  • Joel Bosh
    Joel Bosh Chairman & Project Management

    Miami FL – USA

  • Derek Hatton
    Derek Hatton lead developer & security lead


  • Matt Englund
    Matt Englund Secretary & Technical Consultant

    United States

Advisory board

Members of the advisory board will contribute to the future stability, growth and knowledge of the Foundation. The members are top industry experts who we can ask for their expertise in their field of experience. Members are committed to help out in any way they can and put their professional network to work if needed.

  • DR. Moe Levin
    DR. Moe Levin CEO keynote, Connector, Strategist

Team members

  • Ophie
    Ophie Design & HTML5 development
  • Michael
    Michael Video & graphics editor
  • Wuher
    Wuher Wallet compiling
  • Pcmerc
    Pcmerc Wallet compiling
  • Pankash
    Pankash JS Wallet developer
  • Derek
    Derek Lead developer