How to buy I/O Coin

A short explanation on buying Bitcoin and I/O Coin

I/O Coin (IOC) can be bought on online exchanges. You can only buy IOC with Bitcoin at the moment. Our aim is to make it possible to buy IOC with cash or credit card in the near future or even buy them in-wallet.

So, to obtain IOC, you must have or buy Bitcoin (BTC). BTC can be bought on exchanges as well. First of all you have to send a native currency (Dollar, Euro etc) to an exchange and buy BTC with that.

Where to Buy Bitcoin.

EU: If you live in the EU, we advise and use SEPA or bank transfer to fund your account. Also Bitstamp is a tried and trusted exchange

Note: Exchange will charge you a fee for depositing funds from your bank account. they will vary, so make sure to check or ask the exchange in advance.

NL: If you live in the Netherlands, a simple and easy way to buy BTC is through online easy exchange services like or

USA: If you live in the USA, there are many exchanges where you can deposit $ to buy Bitcoin. You can use , , or (there are many more)

UK: If you are in the UK, BitBargain is one of the most trusted and secure sites. You can use , and

** There are many more services to buy Bitcoin from. The above are just some examples and may vary in quality and deposit fees. Check google for the best exchanges in your region.


When you sign up to these sites, make a strong password, write it down in several places. Make sure it contains at least 10 letters, upper and lowers case, with a mixture of numbers and symbols (note not all sites allow symbols)

Then straight away, enable 2FA to secure your account. Google 2FA is very good to use link here Google 2FA info

Ok, i got Bitcoin, how can I buy IOC?

You can buy I/O Coin on
When you have bought Bitcoin (BTC) , you will then need to transfer Bitcoin from the place you bought it, to a trading exchange, like

Steps to take :

  1. Sign up for
  2. Click Wallets [1]
  3. Search for the BTC wallet and click “the + icon”. See screenshots

After you have clicked [2] you will get your own private Bitcoin address.
Send the Bitcoin you bought on another exchange to this [3] address.

If you have sent the BTC to that exchange it can take a few minutes or hours to receive BTC on the exchange. This depends on the amount of transaction confirmations required by the exchange.

How to buy I/O Coin when i have Bitcoin on the exchange available?

Go to the I/O Coin market. For Bittrex it is
The below screen explains a bit how trading works. Read the tutorials and FAQ’s on the site so you know exactly how trading works. Most exchanges work exactly the same.


1- Create accounts to buy Bitcoin and I/O Coin.

2- Secure accounts with 2FA

3- Buy Bitcoin

4- Send the Bitcoin to exchange to buy IOC

5- Buy IOC

6- Advised: Transfer to desktop wallet – Links to wallets found here I/O Coin Desktop wallets

  • Note we understand people may not have own computer or their own computer might not be secure (if it is shared with other people) So best to use a desktop wallet if you are trusted family only use your computer.
  • Crypto currency trading is a high volatile market. Trade with caution and do not trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

If you have any further questions please reach out to us in our slack chat, the community is always happy to help.