I/O Digital Foundation

The I/O Digital Foundation partners with the world’s leading developers and companies to solve the toughest technology problems and accelerate open Blockchain technology development and adoption.

I/O Digital is a non-profit organization and has the ultimate goal to have companies and individuals use Blockchain technology for their businesses or personal life to gain synergy between services and operate with less costs or even add new services to their portfolio.

The Blockchain software that the I/O Digital foundation is developing is open source and usable for everybody. The foundation intentions are to spend all donated money on developing the Open Source Blockchain technology but also take their responsibilities in corporate social activities by donating to charity projects around the world.

During many of our meetings with potential investors (Venture Capitalist, Business partners, community members) we quickly learned that we needed to have a more robust structure. We also had to have in place means for the future securing of the private keys. With setting up the foundation it will make it all possible. It also ensures that the I/O Digital blockchain and related projects will stay in the hands of our Non Profit organization.

The Foundation

The foundation (in formation) is based and registered in the Netherlands. The foundation has offices in Miami USA and Amsterdam NL. All open source software developed by us is represented by the foundations board and advisory board.

We have a formal board and representatives according Dutch Foundation laws. Each board member has their official responsibilities in the foundation board. The I/O Digital Foundation is backed by byLaws. These byLaws describe how the foundation must operate. Those byLaws are notarized. The foundation is also registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar.

The foundation pays taxes according Dutch tax laws. Every quarter and full year the financials of the foundation are checked by an external accountant.

Formal Board member or Leadership team

Large donators or contributors can get an official (Platinum Membership) and un-official (Gold Membership) seat to the I/O Digital Foundation. More info can be found on the membership section.