We have a big heart and support all kinds of charities

With developing Blockchain technology we are helping businesses alter their services to operate with less costs, create new services around the technology and move forward in creating more jobs in the end. The general public will also benefit from those new services provided by those companies.

We love Blockchain technology but we also love charity and helping people in need. Every year the foundation and its community donates to charities or individuals that are in need of support. Especially children and nature / environment caring foundations. Below you will find some of our donations / projects we have supported so far.

Mangrove preservation in Indonesia

On monday, 22 march 2015, our Indonesian community  spent the day cleaning the beach of waste and planted 300 mangroves and 100 pines around the beach to help with conservation. We made this event because the abrasion on kuwaru and baru beaches are so fast and we want to stop it and mangroves are ideal for this. The I/O Digital team and community members donated to this event to make this possible.

Donation of $10.000

The sum was donated to the rape and torture victim Mairelis Gonzalez and other victims for various expenses. Mairelis is one of the women that is part of a group of 34 Cubans arrested after arriving in Nassau the coast of Bahamas. Lorenzo Palomares is the Constitutional lawyer and a trial lawyer that represents the victims in the Bahama case .

Donated $200 for Diego Jaens surgery

The I/O Foundation has also donated $200 for Diego Jaens surgery. Diego suffers from neurofibromatosis, a severe tumor on his face, which grew by 120 percent after his last surgery in 2011, where doctors were able to extract 70 percent of the tumor mass. Today Diego’s first surgery has been a success, as his Doctor mentions. He is currently in intensive care to recoup before his 2nd operation.