The Chameleon framework connecting it all


With a limitless range of potential applications, storing all of data in a single Blockchain – even one optimized for data storage such as I/O’s – wouldn’t be practical. So to make sure we have an infrastructure that can adapt and scale to accommodate all of the services it will come to support we’ve created project “Chameleon I/O”.

Developed over a twelve-month period, Chameleon I/O is a framework which will allow for the creation of any number of unique and interoperable I/O Digital sidechains. These auxiliary Blockchains will each have unique properties suited to the particular set of services and applications that they will support. This network of Blockchains, or “superchain”, will afford unparalleled flexibility to I/O users, allowing any number of configurations to be seamlessly adopted depending on the use case.

Access to full range of functions across the network

The framework itself will collate data from the various chains and allow the creation of generic control policies via an extensive high level API. For end users this means access to the full range of I/O Digital functions, applications and services from a single interface. The team will deploy a secure web front end from which to easily manage an array of advanced decentralized applications.

Though the Blockchain comprising the Chameleon network will be initially limited to I/O sidechains, it will be technically possible to include others. Should another project develop a especially useful feature or application, we may choose to integrate it into Chameleon so that I/O users may also benefit from it.

Chameleon I/O is still in active development.