About I/O Coin and I/O Digital Foundation

Designing and educating about Blockchain technology since july 2014

I/O Coin

I/O Coin is an ongoing open source blockchain scientific project currently being developed by a team of Freelance / volunteer blockchain and security experts. In July 2014 I/O Coin (IOC) launched without any Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or pre-mine.  IOC was a fair launched via mining, using a sophisticated cryptographic hash in Proof of Work (POW) X11 algorithm, before switching to Proof of Stake (POS I/O) to secure the blockchain.  IOC has focus on security, global adoption and scalability.

IOC was launched fairly, to ensure a healthy and organic growth period. The development team felt it was important to release this way in order to gain trust with its users, community, and investors. Our goal is delivering secure, game changing, user friendly blockchain frameworks. The team’s passion and determination is what drives us to focus on our goals. We have always put development priority first, before hype and market. For that reason the team formerly formed a non for profit foundation, to further educate on the use of the I/O Coin public blockchains. This to push awareness to companies and individuals, to gain synergy between services and operate with less costs or even add new services to their portfolio.

IOC DIONS upgrade
Following in the steps of Satoshi Nakamoto, IOC minted 16 million coins, with a max cap of 22M to be reached by 2052 through POS rewards. After successfully delivering on our initial roadmap, the team embarked on the second blockchain upgrade named DIONS (Decentralized I/O Name Server). DIONS enables data on the blockchain, with capabilities of document and identity storage. DIONS also allows for AES 256 encrypted messaging, along with a complete Alias system. The IOC data, messaging / alias system fees are redistributed to all active stakers in the network. This ensures further IOC distribution, and incentives users to stake while securing the network.

I/O Digital Foundation
The I/O Digital Foundation was formed in 2015 to oversee the IOC development and focus on maintaining the IOC Blockchain, innovating and education. The Foundation has a formal registered board and volunteer advisors of industry experts.

Benefit from Blockchain technology

If you’re in business then there’s a good chance you could benefit from blockchain technology. In many cases it’s simply faster, cheaper, more secure and more efficient than pre-existing solutions. If there’s an area where blockchain technology might improve your operations we at I/O Digital can help you find it. We provide the platform, the vision and the support you need to transition effortlessly to a business model that takes full advantage of this revolutionary technology.