About I/O Digital

Designing the future of Blockchain technology since july 2014

When designing our future development, for the open source I/O Digital Blockchain technology, we didn’t  just focus on delivering a Blockchain, we embarked on a mission to create the most user friendly Blockchain ecosystem. One that would go further than just a cryptocurrency.  From it’s inception in 2014 we strive to expand the usability and ease of use of our underlying technology. This to be one that could be inclusive to corporations, small businesses but most importantly to individuals all across the planet.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Since the rise of the Bitcoin network in 2009, countless developers embarked in copycat cryptocurrencies. Many to have no single purpose for existence, while a few others attempted to improve on the path that Satoshi had proposed, within his bitcoin whitepaper. Proposals to improve on this technology emerged. Inspired by Bitcoin, on august 2012 Scott Nadal and Sunny King released a whitepaper for a proof of stake cryptocurrency named Peercoin. In looking at both protocols for the I/O Digital Blockchain, we launched I/O Coin (IOC) via X11 POW July 2014 and successfully transitioned to our unique POS I/O after a mining period of two weeks. There was no instamine or ICO pre-sale. A volume controlled blockchain, enjoying almost instant transfers, 1 minute block time and under 30 seconds for it’s first confirmation. There are around 16,2 million coins in circulation. 

The I/O Digital Blockchain it’s also extremely energy efficient and ten times faster than bitcoin.

Data bloat and user friendly

Considering the risk of data bloat, security breaches and lack of user friendly features, we knew that it would be a matter of time before a single Blockchain would be a thing of the past. The team proposed a major upgrade to our main I/O Digital chain called DIONS. With advances in encrypted data, messaging and aliases on the blockchain. Being deployed alongside of our decentralized gpg like system.

DIONS will prove to be successful in combining 3 major components for a true user friendly and advanced blockchain network. Because of all these advance features in our proposed POS blockchain, we quickly found a route to make even bigger upgrades in our blockchain.

In seeing recent events in our space it proved that a single blockchain approach, is not suitable for proper growth and sustainability for mass usage for big corporations and public alike. For this reasons the I/O Digital team is pursuing the best solutions for companies, people and Blockchains to work in unique separate blockchains but tied  together.


Slated to follow our launch of DIONS we will introduce project Chameleon. Our Chameleon chain and  ecosystem will provide the possibilities for companies to spin up their own Blockchain. This while enjoying the advances and features of our main I/O Digital Blockchain. Chameleon will provide a portal to all features built in the I/O Digital Blockchain ecosystem, enabling all features in the network while maintaining privacy and full control of said private blockchains.

For companies looking to advance into the blockchain space, chameleon will also enable the flexibility of launching a chain even without having a dedicated development team, while making it easier to manage and control features. Even when there is an update to our main chains, this would not affect any of the private Blockchains.  They would be updated and your business can run as usual. The company using their own Blockchain will store their data in their own Blockchain making it easier to manage and control.

I/O Digital Foundation

July 2016 we have started the I/O Digital foundation in order to provide the structure needed to receive external donations to the Open Source project which enables us to finance our future growth. In the near future we will setup an I/O Digital company to be able to support companies that want to hire professional Blockchain services.

I/O Coin
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Benefit from Blockchain technology

If you’re in business then there’s a good chance you could benefit from blockchain technology. In many cases it’s simply faster, cheaper, more secure and more efficient than pre-existing solutions. If there’s an area where blockchain technology might improve your operations we at I/O Digital can help you find it. We provide the platform, the vision and the support you need to transition effortlessly to a business model that takes full advantage of this revolutionary technology.